Normally, Israel makes news for more serious matters, but this 2010 viral video with more than a million views shows an ordinary day at an Israeli beach turning extraordinary, thanks to a flash mob.

When a gentleman walking with a brightly painted cooler stops, he unleashes dance tunes, calling out synchronized dancers and gymnasts. Dancers, in a variety of beachwear, include young adults as well as several older dancers. Beachgoers quickly grab their phones to capture the experience in photos and videos, while some young children seem stunned.

The group's music leans heavily on remixes of classic ABBA songs, including "Mamma Mia" "Super Trouper" and "The Winner Takes It All." The dance ends with a round of applause by onlookers, while many of the dancers run into the water.

According to an Israel 21c in 2014,  this beach flash mob remained Israel's most watched, despite the popularity of flash mobs throughout the country. Other flash mobs have included performances on campuses and on a Jerusalem light rail train.

Though small in size, Israel boasts 62 miles of Mediterranean beaches. There are also beaches at the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, and on the Red Sea, in Eilat.

The video caption does not explain the origins or purpose of the large blue and red inflatable creatures near the flash mob performance.