An animated film is making a splash on social media and the awards circuit. The film titled "The Present," by Jacob Frey, uses 3-D animation to tell the story of a young boy and his new dog, according to the Facebook page. 

The film is based off a comic strip titled "Mentirinhas,and shows an unnamed boy playing a seemingly violent video game in a darkened living room. When his mother returns from work she leaves a gift on the table for him, which turns out to be a puppy. 

The story seems to pull at heartstrings as viewers watch the child learn to accept a puppy who has a deformity (he's missing a paw) only to discover at the end of the film that the boy and the puppy have something in common. 

The film has received several awards including the Cartoon Kids Award at the Cartoon Club Festival and Grand Prize for Best Animation at the Rhode Island Film Festival, among numerous others, according to Frey's website

Frey is a German character animator. He recently completed his education at Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg and spent time as an animator at Psyop, a commercial animation company in Los Angeles. He continues to work on individual projects and helped animate Academy Award-nominated "Room on a Broom."