Keeping hands and feet warm in the winter when you're playing in the snow is extremely important, and the IntenseAngler shares an easy do-it-yourself idea to help keep your feet a little toastier this winter season. The video, posted Dec. 16, 2015, has gone viral with over 1 million hits since it was placed online.

According to the video, in order to keep your feet extra warm during the cold winter months, you simply need to add an extra layer of insulation and can accomplish this with a sunshade. If you don't want to have to leave the comfort of your home to get the shade, you can order one through Amazon, or you can go to any store that carries automotive gear. 

Once you have your sunshade, remove the insoles from your boots and trace them on the sunshade. Then cut out the shapes you traced. Place the new insoles into your boots first and place the boots' insoles on top of the inserts. According to the video, the sunshade will, "not only provide added insulation from the freezing ground but will also reflect your body heat back to you."

A few have posted comments questioning whether a sunshade will indeed reflect body heat. According to Energy Saver, radiant heat can indeed be "reflected" back to the source of the heat. The site also points out that radiant barriers work best if they have a cushion of air around them. If cold feet are a problem for you when you're in the snow and ice, a sunshade just might be the "quick trick" solution you need.