The Greatest Generation can not only win wars, they can also cut a rug. Marin Perryman and Paul Kopey, both World War II veterans in their 90s, took advantage of an impromptu opportunity to boogie woogie in May 2015, when the Ladies of Liberty began singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" in an airport waiting area. In a video posted on YouTube by Grace Gupton, you can see both of them smiling, laughing, and twirling a young lady around with some swing steps.

The two men were at Ronald Reagan National Airport, waiting for their Honor Flight to arrive to return them home to Kentucky, when three women dressed very much like the Andrews Sisters came out and began singing. One of the men popped up right away and began dancing all by himself, but he wasn't alone long.

Honor Flight is a non-profit organization dedicated to transporting veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to their service. Priority is given to World War II veterans and veterans of other wars who have a terminal illness. At no charge, the veterans are flown to the nation's capital and tour the city and memorials that honor their service. It is a deeply emotional experience for these men and women, who would not otherwise be able to make the trip.

Veterans travelling with Honor Flight are often greeted in airports with crowds of people who line up along walls and walkways, clapping and cheering them on. And, sometimes, a little bit of boogie woogie.