You can't keep a good mom down. Maggie, a female Australian shepherd cross, was boarding at Barkers Motel and Pet Grooming last week when a couple of newcomers caught her attention. Two nine-week-old puppies had been settled into one of the kennels for the night, awaiting a foster home, and Maggie was determined to keep them company. 

"We watched her on the cameras and she went straight around and found their room," Sandi Aldred, owner of the boarding facility, told CBC News. "She just decided that was where she was going to stay until we came to get her." Closer inspection of the video revealed that Maggie had nudged aside a water bowl that was attached to her kennel door, then wriggled through the opening.

When Aldred returned to the facility later that evening, Maggie greeted her enthusiastically and led her to the puppies' kennel. "It was really sweet," Aldred said. "She just had to be with those puppies."

Maggie herself had only recently been adopted from a nearby shelter, after being weaned from her own litter of pups. Even in the shelter, another litter of puppies had caught her maternal interest. Clearly, Maggie loves being a mom.

After watching Maggie and the puppies get acquainted and settle down together, Aldred decided to let Maggie stay in the puppies' kennel for the night. When she returned the following morning she found the foster family still all cuddled together, very happy.


Maggie and the foster puppies in a "cuddle puddle."