Leukemia took 18-year-old Laura Hillier far before her friends and classmates were ready to let her go.

So to share one last rite of passage that every high schooler cherishes, they turned her casket into chronicle of her life, signing it by the dozen with yearbook-like memories, wishes, regrets, and farewells to the Canadian teenager, according to a story from WCBV News.
One of Hillier's classmates photographed the coffin, adorned in multicolored ink, at her funeral and posted the image to Imgur, where it has garnered some 582,000 shares so far.

The idea for the casket was that of Laura's parents, who lost their daughter even though she had several donor matches for a stem-cell transplant but the hospital expected to do the treatment had a bed shortage, and no other facility could be found in time, according to a report by Seventeen.

Her parents have started a fund to raise money in her honor to raise awareness of leukemia. It has raised $23,097 to date.

The Imgur user who captured the photo of the casket wrote: "A girl from my high school died this year, this was what her parents did for her coffin ... I couldn't possibly share this without including the message that a big part of why she died was due to long wait times for transplant patients."