When most people think of art, drywall is not the first medium that comes to mind. But, for Bernie Mitchell, drywall is where he does his best work, according to a video posted by Drywall Nation. 

Using drywall and mud, he creates detailed artwork on walls. Mitchell first started experimenting with art on wall surfaces using wheat and barley stalks. Eventually, he began to mold and carve pictures into leather. He used similar techniques to start crafting on drywall, according to Mitchell's website
Mitchell works as a drywall contractor and uses his skills to add artwork in homes and cottages. Many of the homes he works on are vacation homes in Canada. While he often uses birds in his artwork, he also enjoys carving horses, wolves and dogs, according to his website.

To achieve the images, Mitchell uses a variety of tools (including knives, paintbrushes and spoons) to mold his creations with a mix of drywall mud, a little water and dry setting compound, according to Tools of the Trade. The mixture is designed to stick to the wall without sinking. Additionally, Mitchell has mastered a mixture that doesn't crack while drying. 

In 2014, Mitchell received the Drywall Artist of the Year Award, according to Trim-Tex. 

Mitchell is currently working on adding tutorials on lighting, products and location choices to his website.