The bedroom is the center of a teenager's universe. So in an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Network's "Trouble Next Door," when a teenager tragically loses both of her parents and has to live with an aunt, that aunt decides to give the kid a room she'll never forget.

"Trouble Next Door" is a show on OWN where "each week, one desperate family in crisis opens their doors and reaches out to their neighbors for help," says the show's Web page. In a 2013 episode, a teenager named Madison loses her parents, and so has to drop everything to go live with her aunt. Knowing how difficult the situation must be for the teen, said aunt decides to hook her niece up with a sweet bedroom. 


It was a very sweet gesture from Madison's aunt. Especially since Madison's "bedroom" was formerly the attic, and it didn't look so well-suited for a kid (or any girl, in general). Here's the place before the makeover.


And this is what it looked like after Madison's aunt was through with it. As you can see,  the walls have been re-painted. What you can't see in this image are the little mementos of Madison's parents that have been placed around the room. 

Like the two birds she painted on the wall which are supposed to represent Madison's parents, and are there to help Madison from feeling lonely. Or the pictures and keepsakes she placed on the shelf in the corner, as little reminders that her parents are still with her.


You might be able to imagine how the teenager reacted. Without giving too much away, one can safely say she was overwhelmed. Be forewarned, the video below may make you shed a tear. 

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