Thanks to one loving Arkansas husband, another father's legacy lives on and many precious family memories are being made. Micah Farish spent months tracking down a camper that played an important part in his wife's memories of her father, who was killed in a car accident in December 2000, when Karis was 12 years old.

"She would tell me stories about how they would take this camper everywhere," Farish explains in his December 2015 YouTube video that tells the story. "As far as Karis is concerned, all of her greatest memories happened in this camper, with her family. Even greater were the memories that she shared with her dad."

Micah and Karis dreamed of taking their kids on vacations and camping trips like Karis had enjoyed as a child. "She's always talked about getting this camper back and taking our kids camping, and reliving some of those memories that she shared with her dad," says Farish. Unfortunately, they learned, its current whereabouts were unknown. Karis was devastated.

Farish became a man with a mission: find the old camper for his wife. Chronicling his secret search on video, he eventually located the camper in California. 

Its new owners, Kathy Eiler and Patti Clarkson, were understandably hesitant at first. Research proved Farish's identity, but it was the story of his wife's father that made it an easy decision to sell the camper to him: Eiler, too, had lost her father at about the same age that Karis had, also in a tragic holiday-time accident. "We had a holidays house fire," she told ABC News. "I know what it was like to have those memories ... that was so meaningful to me. We had to do it. We had to let the camper go home."

After telling his wife that he was attending a weekend-long camping bachelor party, Farish headed to California to meet Eiler and Clarkson. Arrangements were made, and the camper was brought back to Arkansas.

When Farish presents the camper to his wife as a Christmas gift, 15 years — almost to the day — after her father's tragic death, Karis cannot contain her emotion. Tears flow freely as she walks around the camper once again — this time as the adult, with her own young daughter scampering around excitedly as a loving father looks on.

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