"American Idol" has seen just about everything through its 15 seasons. But the path that Jeneve Rose Mitchell followed to reach her musical dream is one that managed to surprise and impress even the "Idol" judges.

Mitchell told FoxNews.com that she's spent the last eight years off the grid in Crawford, Colo. That left her a lot of time to practice her music, but not many opportunities to keep up with the latest pop trends. However, the lack of running water and electricity didn't keep her from her "Idol" fix.

"We turn on a generator twice a week for 'American Idol,'" she revealed to Fox during her audition. "Idol is pretty much the only thing we ever turn on the generator for." 

Now, there's even more incentive for her friends and family to find a way to watch the show. Mitchell soared into the top 14, and broke out a harp to add a memorable flourish to her rendition of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel. Playing the instrument wasn't for everyone -- judge Harry Connick Jr. said he'd have preferred it if she had performed without it. But it won over one of Connick's fellow panelists.

"I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I was not sure about you," Jennifer Lopez said after that performance. "And I'm telling you that because when I just saw you do that song, I had goosies everywhere."

Despite the positive feedback thus far, Mitchell's not taking any chances. She released a video before the semifinals explaining how her fans could cast their votes for her. From here on out, it's the fans, rather than the judges, who will determine her fate.