It's every contestant's dream on the talent show "The Voice": a quick turn of a judge's chair, a sigh of relief and the ability to finish an audition with the confidence that somebody really likes them. This compilation video shows some of the quickest reactions of the judging professionals, not only in the U.S. version of the show, but versions produced and aired around the globe.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaims Keith Urban of the show's Australia version in the video. Contestant Karise Eden barely got through the first line of "It's A Man's World" before Urban and his three fellow judges turned around, expressing interest in mentoring her at the blind audition round. Urban, unable to control his excitement stands throughout the performance.

Other auditions featured in the clip show included standout contestants Matthew Schuler, Joniver Robles and David Rodriguez. Typically, the quick turns of the judges chairs erupts in a battle over who gets to coach the contestant throughout the season, leading to teasing banter between the competitive celebrities. 

This season's American version of the reality talent show is also causing buzz about the judges but not just for their quick recognition of talent. The return of judge Blake Shelton's girlfriend and former Voice judge Gwen Steffani as co-coach has people talking about a two-for-one mentoring advantage for contestants on Shelton's team. 

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