Wearing deodorant is generally seen as a positive practice in hygiene, lessening the wearer's body odor and sweat stains. For Rodney Colley, a 23-year-old college student from Alexandria, Va., his underarm deodorant left him in excruciating pain — and he is not alone in his experience. 

According to an interview with IJ Review, Colley noticed what appeared to be a "diaper rash" forming in his underarm area that seemed to get worse and worse as time went on. He tells reporters, “I got out of the shower on Monday morning and it felt like my armpit was on fire. So I looked in the mirror and, sure enough, the skin around it started scabbing.” 

Colley traced the source of his suffering to Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance Deodorant. Though he admits to using other products from the line previously with no adverse effects, this particular deodorant left him with chemical burns. The images below are graphic, scroll down at your discretion.

Colley is not alone in his experience. YouTube user Michael Smith (pictured below) reported similar injuries, as did numerous others.

The husband of one commenter on Smith's video was also affected: "His underarms were so raw and burned that the skin cracked and was bleeding & oozing. It took a couple of weeks to clear up." Here is the comment in full:


On Consumer Affairs, Old Spice currently has 155 product complaints and 75 product ratings — 70 of which give the deodorant 1 star out of 5. Many of the product complaints are accompanied by photos of chemical burns similar to those of Colley and Smith.

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