Practice makes perfect, and this is obviously true when it comes to two individuals shag dancing together for more than 35 years. Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee have been dance partners and teachers together for decades and their experience shows in this video from the master's division of the Grand Nationals Dance Championship from 2013. The pair's chemistry is undeniable.

According to their website, the South Carolina dance team achieved a remarkable undefeated record in dance competitions for 12 years. That included more than 300 competitions. They won the National Shag Dance Overall Championship for seven consecutive years. They were also the very first recipients of the Shad Alberty Award for contributions to the Shag community. 

Dance Store Online describes the "shag" or "Carolina shag" as a form of swing dancing with similarities to the jitterbug and the East Coast swing. The dance is a form of "slotted" dancing, where the couple dances on a track, turns, then returns to the original track in the opposite direction. 

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