With Swiss timing and precision, the Top Secret Drum Corps from Basel, Switzerland puts on a performance that is part military march and part fire dance, with trademark moves that include cross-juggled drumsticks, drummers' duels and firework flags. 
Top Secret was formed in 1991, but burst onto the international drumming scene with a breakout performance at the 2001 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, an event that draws over 220,000 to Edinburgh Castle in Scotland every year. The video below presents their 2015 performance, the fourth time the group has appeared at the event.

Top Secret's uniforms and disciplined, soldierly movements demonstrate their roots in Basel drumming, a military style dating back to the Middle Ages. Basel still has a lively drumming tradition that is a major part of Fasnacht, the city's three-day cultural festival that's been held annually for over 700 years.

The 25 members of the drum corps dedicate many hours to practice to perfect their stunts although they hold a variety of day jobs, from factory worker to civil servant to banker. The group has performed all over the world, including in China, Russia, and the United States.

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