From a soaring operatic song to rocking the judges all night long, "Spain's Got Talent" contestant Cristina Ramos faked out the judging panel in this stunning performance. While her commanding vocals showcased an incredible range during her rather refined opening, Ramos rips off her long skirt to reveal rock 'n' roll leather as she launches into AC\DC's classic, "Highway to Hell."

The astounded judges obviously enjoyed the unusual transition that showed not only the contestant's range of voice but also her musical versatility. The gamble obviously paid off with one judge reaching for the golden buzzer on the judge's panel. This action sent Ramos directly to the live rounds, saving her from other rounds of auditioning. 

Media around the globe, such as "Billboard," hinted at curious timing, as the heavy metal band recently canceled tour dates due to the health of lead singer Brian Johnson. His doctors warned that the singer might completely lose his hearing if he didn't stop touring. 

What do you think? Does Ramos' opera-to-rocker chops prove she could share a stage with guitarist Angus Young and the band's trademark sound? Either way, it's an incredible audition worth sharing with your both your opera fan and rocker friends.