There are talented dancers in droves all over the web, but it's not often you find an artist so compelling they just stop you cold and leave you slack-jawed. Koharu Sugawara is one of these phenomenal dancers. It's not enough for her to be able to perform completely flawless choreographies without any outside aid; Sugawara does it while displaying such a broad range of emotions and facial expressions that it feels like she's telling a story.

Hailing from Japan, the hip-hop dancer and choreographer travels all over the world to perform, according to her website, and has also done a few modeling jobs for advertising and fashion magazines. Her unique style, captivating moves, and friendly demeanor make her an easy dance icon to look up to.

She frequently attends Urban Dance Camp, an incredibly popular 2-month summer camp that is held annually in Lörrach, Germany. The most talented choreographers gather there every year to show off their talents and teach aspiring dancers their impressive moves, and the results lie in videos like the one below, which really speaks for itself.

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