'The House of the Rising Sun' is a classic folk ballad which was popularized by British band The Animals. Though the song describes the unfortunate life of a man in New Orleans, Louisiana, Englishman Eric Burdon's powerful voice is what most hear when the song comes to mind. 

However, this isn't the case anymore. In what was a 'Knockout' round on the most recent episode of "The Voice", Nebraskan preschool teacher Hannah Huston delivered a haunting performance of 'The House of the Rising Sun' that blew the judges away. The judges had no choice but to heap on the praise. 

"Hannah, standing ovation for this girl right now. I mean, that's my critique for your performance. It was incredible. So, my hats off to you" said country singer and coach Blake Shelton, as wnypapers.com pointed out.

"Hannah, I think that your performance could not have gone any better. The energy that you present people when you sing, they're able to really feel what you're communicating while you're singing," added rap star and producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams.