Tricia Miranda is one of the most reliably talented choreographers at the Millennium Dance Complex, and it shows: The number she put together for Nicki Minaj's addictive "Trini Dem Girls" is intensely fierce and completely hypnotic. It helps that every dancer in the video below knows exactly how to work the camera, and they all look amazing doing so.

From the unapologetic moves the first dancer, Darrion Gallegos, displays — don't miss him throwing his gum and then catching it mid-choreography at the 30-second mark — to Jade Chynoweth's sensual, confident solo performance, starting at the 2-minute mark, everyone at the Millennium Dance Complex took Miranda's teachings and made them their own in a fantastic way. Make sure not to miss the famous child prodigy, Aidan Prince Xiong, performing the dance as well near the end of the video.

Miranda has done choreography work for many celebrities, including Missy Elliott's performance at the Katy Perry-led 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, according to Clear Talent Group. It's rare when her dance videos these days don't make it to a least a few million views, and this one is no exception.

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