Now more than ever, police officers are under constant scrutiny. Issues of police brutality, excessive force or general malpractice have plagued police departments around the country, often overshadowing any good work the police do on a daily basis. Despite what we may see, for every instance of negative press the police get, there are reminders of the good police do that goes unrecognized. Like any career, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going without a little bit of appreciation every once in a while, yet police officers keep going despite public perceptions. 

That's part of what makes this small note from a teenager to a pair of Kansas City police officers so special. Scribbled on a napkin, a teenager wrote the simple message — "Thanks for keeping us safe." — and dropped it off at Officer Rance Quinn's table. “We're human too. We like to feel the love just like everybody else does,” Officer Quinn told Fox 4 KC. The small gesture was shared on the Kansas City Police Department's Facebook page. 

That wasn't the extent of the teenage girl's act of kindness. According to Fox 4 and the KCPD's Facebook post her table paid for the officers' meal. And the good deeds didn't stop there. After speaking with a mother and her children, the officers were surprised to find out that the mother had wanted to buy their meal. Since that had been taken care of, she coaxed the officers into accepting a couple of gift cards for their next meal. 

Overwhelmed by the nice gestures, Officer Quinn felt compelled to share his experience hoping to let those people in the Chili's restaurant know that "these gestures make it back to the people who did them so they will know just how appreciated and POWERFUL their actions were."


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