A picture of a woman in a bathing suit is going viral, but not for the reasons you’d expect. Instead of featuring a hot, young, bathing beauty a la Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, the photo features a senior citizen. The nonagenarian, Irene Carney, was photographed standing on the deck of a cruise ship sporting a teeny, weeny red-and-white polka-dot bikini. Carney purchased the swimsuit from Australian retailer Lady Watego. 
According to Cosmopolitan, Carney visited the store looking for a nice swimsuit to wear on a cruise she was taking with her family. At first Carney was against wearing the two-piece bathing suit, but her family convinced her that she would look great in it, so she put it on. Carney’s family sent the photo in to Lady Watego. The retailer then posted the snap on its Facebook page with the caption, "the gorgeous 90 year old Irene on her family cruise wearing her @seafollyaustralia spot on bikini-never too old for a bikini.”

Based on people’s reaction to Carney’s photo on the Lady Watego page, the internet agrees with Carney’s family, she looks great in the bathing suit. France Poitras said, “She looks so gorgeous. I wish I'll look as good as you at 90 years old.” Sharon Willen agreed with Poitras writing, “Heck, I've never looked that good! She looks terrific!!”