Fortune smiled on an Aerosmith fan recently. Anthony Yorfido, a resident of Niagara Falls in Ontario, was at a medical supply store with his mother, Diane, when the unexpected happened. A limo drove up to the store, and out popped Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. He came into the store looking for a back brace. Anthony’s mother thought the man looked familiar, but she couldn’t place him.
When Anthony saw him, according to the Niagara Falls Review, he said, “Oh my God! Steven Tyler, is that you?' " Tyler was in town for a solo concert. Anthony, who has Down syndrome, is a huge Aerosmith fan, so he ran over to give Tyler a hug. Tyler hugged Anthony back, and asked if he had tickets to the concert. Diane told Steven that they had tried to get tickets to the show, but it was sold out. Steven then did something incredibly generous, he invited them to the show and gave them backstage passes. 


Diane wasn’t able to make it to the concert because she had to work, but she got her boyfriend to take Anthony. Anthony even made it onstage as Tyler’s special guest. While performing Aerosmith’s hit song, “Sweet Emotion,” Anthony got to go onstage to play the maracas. While Diane was at work, she received pictures of the once-in-a-lifetime happening, which she posted to Facebook

She told the Niagara Falls Review, "I was dying! I'm like, 'are you kidding me? I can't be there?' I was so upset." After the concert, Anthony was so overcome with emotion. "He woke up this morning going 'Oh my God, mom.' He showed me the set list, he was crying. He was so excited. He said, 'This is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.' "

Watch the video below to see Anthony perform with Steven Tyler.