If you came up with a list of thankless jobs, being a city bus driver would probably be on the list. Many people probably think bus drivers just drive around on their routes non-stop until the end of their shifts, so they don’t deserve praise. One bus driver in Canada is challenging that stereotype and getting the praise he deserves. Dan Stoddard, a bus driver in Ottawa, helped a woman who had been assaulted get the help she needed, CTV News reported. 
According to the report, Stoddard had been driving around on his route on a Wednesday night. At one of his stops, a woman was sitting down. Stoddard sense something was wrong. When he pressed the woman for more information, he found out about her assault. Stoddard directed the woman to get onto the bus, and told her that he would take care of everything else. And he did. He sat with the woman and comforted her until authorities arrived. 

Stoddard’s story has gained international attention because a fellow bus passenger took a snap of the seated woman and Stoddard conversing and posted it online, wrote the Huffington Post. The passenger also mentioned Stoddard’s heroic actions. Stoddard doesn’t think he really deserves all the attention, according to the Huffington Post. He said that dealing with the public is what he was trained to do  as Ottawa's public transit teaches its employees to be professional, but have compassion.