It looks like just a couple of twenty-somethings in a music video selfie, but there's a reason this video has been viewed more than 10 million times -- the music is amazing! Alexandra Kay, an independent country singer originally from small-town Illinois and a one-time "American Idol" hopeful, brings heart and soul to her version of "Jolene" that would surely make Dolly Parton proud.

Although she didn't win the 2011 season of "American Idol," Kay's clear voice and success in the St. Louis country music scene earned her a record deal shortly afterward. Her website details her success with Nettwork Entertainment, her subsequent decision to become an independent artist, and her partnership with guitarist Daniel Allan.

Kay's Facebook page and website provide many videos and downloadable music, all featuring her youthful, passionate country vocals. It's no wonder she's developed an incredibly loyal fan base. "Love you to the moon and back!" she repeatedly tells her fans, via video, social media posts and a letter posted on her website.

Listen to Kay and Allan perform "Jolene," and share the experience!