As if the jitterbug isn't hard enough with one partner, Gary and Charlotte Chaney took the dance to the next level at the 2007 Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club event. Friend Debbie Wheelis, in an outfit matching Charlotte Chaney's stepped out onto the floor to make all those turns and spins even more complicated and dizzying.

The trio later performed this exhibition routine at the  "Swing into Fall" event is an annual meeting of dancers with both exhibitions and dance lessons organized by the Lake of the Ozark's Swing Dance Club, of which the Chaneys are founding members. While the married couple has been dancing together for years, Wheelis joins for special routines.

The Chaneys, of St. Louis, first danced together as teenagers in the 1950s, they begin teaching other dancers. They've competed around the country and have been inducted into the American Bop Association Hall of Fame.

Think you could handle multiple ladies as smoothly as Gary Chaney? It'll be tough as he didn't miss a beat or skip a step.