Most of us can remember a time when our olfactory senses were assaulted so severely that the experience burned a spot in our memory banks. Darcy Cimarello’s husband tried describing the time this happened to him. He was at a store and two women he saw were incredibly smelly. Cimarello recorded her husband’s account and posted it to YouTube. In the description to her video she said she decided to start recording her husband because he was “white as a ghost” after coming home from the store. 
Cimarello asked her husband questions to guide the conversation along, but every time her husband thought about the way the women smelled and tried to recall it, he began to gag. The gagging made Cimarello laugh uncontrollably.YouTubers thought the video was hilarious. It has received more than 300,000 views. 

Lars Guthrie revealed in the comments that he watches the video all the time. “Every time I watch this I cry,” the commenter wrote. “It just gets better every time. and your laughter is just as good as his gagging.” YouTube user Neal G said that he thought the video was “priceless” and he can commiserate with Cimarello’s husband’s experience. “I have worked in retail for almost 20 years and I have been thru what your husband experienced. I literally sprayed Lysol in front of smelly customers before and gagged in front of them as well.”