This one's not for anyone the least bit squeamish - and that includes includes "Britain's Got Talent" judges. As Alexandr Magala swallowed swords and performed acrobatics, judge Simon Cowell hid his face and judges Alesha Dixon and David Walliams clutched hands and turned their heads in fear.

"I actually thought you were going to die," Cowell reportedly said to the 26-year-old performer. It appears he wasn't the only one. People complained to regulators about the show broadcasting such a dangerous performance. However, a ruling allowed the show to proceed with the act, noting the large warnings against amateur copycats.

Magala, who performed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, previously performed on American, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian versions of the reality talent show.

With an unbelievably intense ending that even had the paramedics rushing toward the stage in anticipation, most seemed relieved when the performance ended. "I was just relieved you were still alive at the end of it," Walliams said.

What do you think about this unusually scary act? Think it should be passed around and that the warning labels adequately discourage imitations?