In a twist on the usual vocal performances seen on "Britain's Got Talent," 24-year-old Craig Ball's rendition of "Wrecking Ball" has the judges confused at the beginning -- and on their feet along with the entire audience at the end. A London maintenance worker with a big smile, Ball shows amazing vocal versatility and ability to keep all eyes on him.

Looking almost timid as the music begins, he speaks the first line as a photo of Morgan Freeman appears above his head. Judges Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell glance at each other, clearly unsure of how to react. When the next segment is delivered as Mickey Mouse, people begin to catch on, and when he ends with a Mickey giggle before launching into Christopher Walken, he has them.

From Peter Griffin to Gollum to an incredible Kermit the Frog, Ball brings the audience and the judges along with him on an entertaining ride. "What a brilliantly original way to do impressions," said judge David Walliams, as reported in UnrealityTV. All four judges said "Yes" to advancing Ball to the next round of the competition.

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