Two of the most famous singers of the last century team up on this clip from "The Judy Garland" show, making some beautiful melodies. A young Barbra Streisand joins Garland in singing a medley, including "Hooray for Love," and sporting a pair of matching gingham shirts. Barbra Streisand Archives reports that the performance took place on the CBS show in 1963.

“[Garland] was great," Streisand told Diane Sawyer in a 2005 interview per the Barbra Streisand Archives. "She was wonderful. Loved her ... I was very secure then. I was only 21, I think." Streisand would go on to have extensive success in her career, earning two Oscars and 10 Grammys. The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-nominated Garland passed away in 1969.

Streisand stepped into one of the biggest roles ever played by singer she admired in the 1976 remake of "A Star is Born." The role of a woman who eclipses her show business husband earned Garland an Oscar nomination. Streisand took an Oscar for the remake according to her website, but as one of the composers of the movie's theme song, "Evergreen."

Streisand, who suffered extreme stage fright in her later years, also recalled in the 2005 Sawyer interview for ABC News, that she now recognizes Garland's own struggles with celebrity and performing. "She was drinking Liebfraumilch—you know, a white wine—and her hands were shaking and she was holding onto me. I thought, 'what was this about? As one grows older, what is this fear?' And I understand it now.”

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