To his owners surprise, a rescued feral dog helped save a helpless hummingbird who is now his best friend. According to CBS 2 Los Angeles, their incredible journey together started last year, when Ed Gernon of Whittier, Calif., was walking his dog Rex. Gernon had adopted Rex, a street dog who hunted for his own food, and showed him the love and compassion of a good home.
But Gernon was surprised when his once feral dog showed the same compassion he had for a tiny hummingbird they found lying on the street, covered in ants. Gernon recalled to CBS 2 that he thought the bird was dead, but Rex refused to leave the tiny animal's side. Together, Gernon and Rex nursed the bird they now call Hummer back to life.

According to AOL, Gernon fed Hummer special food to nurse her back to health, and even taught her to fly again using a hair dryer. Hummer hasn't forgotten Rex's actions though: Garner told AOL that she rarely leaves his side, she even bathes in his drinking water when Rex is eating.

To see this unlikely, but incredible friendship in action, check out the video below.