From hair-clogged drains to stinky toilets, cleaning the bathroom is probably the most-hated regular household chore. Fortunately, the folks at  Household Hacker have made it their mission to make life "easier, more fun, and specifically more exciting" with their life hacks, tutorials, pranks, and advice. This video outlines their collection of tips to make cleaning the bathroom less unpleasant. 
These tips use basic, non-toxic cleaning items from around the house, like tea. As it turns out, strong black tea is great for cleaning mirrors and glass! Strong tea and newspapers works very well; these photos show how well tea worked on windows covered in prints left by kids' hands and dogs' noses.

For those impossible-to-reach stains under the rim of the toilet, Household Hacker recommends soaking toilet paper in vinegar and stuffing it up under the rim. Root Simple recommends this method specifically for removing rust stains, using either vinegar or lemon juice. After the stains have soaked for a while they should be easy to scrub away, and all you have to do is flush!

Other tips include quick and easy ways to clean the shower, remove hard water stains from fixtures, and disinfect the toothbrush holder. In three and a half minutes, Household Hacker provides seven clever ways of taking the "ew" out of cleaning the bathroom. With over 1.1 million views, they must be doing something right!

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