For a kid, not much is more stressful than tests at school, as they can determine their grades and place in the school’s academic hierarchy. When the test is a standardized test, the pressure increases even more, since a lot is riding on a child’s score—from federal and state funding for their school to the quality of teachers who teach them.
In the face of such pressure, it can be nice to have someone in your corner to help you get through the tough times. That’s exactly what some students at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in Woodbury, N.J., have in their teacher, Chandni Langford. To help mitigate some of the pressure her fifth grade students were feeling before they took the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers standardized test, Langford wrote messages of encouragement on the desks of each of her students.

Written using dry-erase marker and centered around Carol Dweck's "growth mindset" philosophy, the sayings were designed to motivate her students to do their very best on the test, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Langford said she decided to write the inspirational messages on her students' desks after some were concerned that they wouldn’t go to the next grade if they performed poorly on the PARCC test, NBC 10 reported.