An Australian mom took to Facebook to vent about how all 12 kids dropped out of her son's birthday party last minute, and to her surprise a community swooped in to support her. Rachelle Briannan posted her tearful frustrations on the Facebook group 'Midnight Mums' in Melbourne, saying her heart was broken for her now 4-year-old son who would have no friends to sing 'happy birthday' to him.
The Daily Mail reports the Facebook support group soon turned into a real community for Briannan and her son Taenon. The post touched the hearts of thousands, and within just 30 minutes, 25 parents from across the city had gathered at a local McDonald's to celebrate the 4-year-old's birthday. 


Taenon got the chance to celebrate his big day with 30 brand new friends. Plus, others in the Melbourne community also wanted to pitch in: Daily Mail reports a local party store donated 'number 4 helium balloons' and the State Emergency Service drove over so the kids could explore the trucks.