A photo that shows a father comforting his sick child is causing controversy on Facebook. The controversial photo shows a nude boy curled up in the fetal position while sitting on the lap of hairy adult male in the shower. The photo was snapped by photographer, Heather Whitten. The subjects in the photo are Whitten’s son, Fox and her husband, Thomas.

Whitten said in a Facebook post that Fox had gotten sick with Salmonella and her husband was comforting him. She said that after sitting in the shower with her husband and sick son for hours, she went to get her camera and started taking pictures. When Whitten posted the photo and the backstory, some people let her know they approved.

Annabelle St John wrote, “Beautiful,” while Christina Cortez wrote, “I always get in the tub with my kids when they are sick so they don't have to lay in vomit. I think it's perfectly normal. Anyone who sees differently, must have problems.”

Others however, expressed their disapproval.  

Christopher Tawhara, said “The thing is, it's the child that is unwell not the father, nothing wrong with comforting his child,yet does he have to do it with his clothes off?” 

Christopher Williams, expressed similar sentiment. “Personally... Your husband should be wearing some form of clothing... I don't really see any type.if beauty in this.... He could have put on something.... Blessings to your child... But come on parents..... This is not art to me... Your opinion is deep but the photo is too much, all I see is a naked man with a little girl... #swimtrunks.”

Whitten said she doesn’t understand the backlash at all considering the story behind the photo and the fact that the photo is artfully composed and there are no "private parts" showing.