Toothpicks have quite a few obvious uses: Cleaning out your teeth, building miniature statues, reaching those tiny reset buttons on electronics, poking people... But there are also plenty of unexpected things you can do with toothpicks around the home – things that are perhaps a little more productive than the ideas suggested above. 

The following eight hacks make use of toothpicks to make your life easier around the house, especially in the kitchen. Who knew toothpicks could do this much? Check out the hacks below for enlightening answers to problems you never knew even had solutions!

1. Microwave potato on toothpick stilts, via My Fridge Food


By sticking four toothpicks on one side of a potato and making it stand up on them in the microwave, you can cook the potato evenly on all sides much more quickly. Being raised up means the potato can cook just as quickly underneath as it can on the top and sides.

2. Prevent cake from going stale, via Created By Diane


Two avoid having the sliced sections of your beautiful cake go stale, pin a few slices of bread to them with toothpicks. The bread will go stale, but the cake will be protected!

3. Sprout potatoes and sweet potatoes, via My Heart Beets


Want to grow your own potatoes, or sweet potatoes? Cut one in half and stick it with three toothpicks, then place it in about half an inch of water. Leave it in the sun and change the water every few days. Within a few weeks, potato plants will start growing out of the potato. Once they reach about 5 inches long, take them out and place them in a separate cup of water. Once they've grown roots at least 1 inch long, plant them in soil. Water regularly for a few months, until the plants have grown potatoes of their own and are ready to harvest.

4. DIY Confetti cake-toppers, via Aunt Peaches 


Using hot glue and a hot glue gun, you can create adorable-looking cake toppers. Trace a shape with glue, then insert a toothpick into the shape. Add more glue, then the confetti you'd like to use along the shape. Once it's dried, turn the topper over and repeat so both sides are evenly coated. Voilà!

5. Stop a toothache in a pinch, via mplskillroy


Carefully poke a hole in an Advil Liqui-Gel pill and insert a toothpick into the hole to coat the tip with the liquid, then remove it and let the liquid drip from the toothpick onto your tooth for great toothache relief. However, be very careful not to let the liquid hit the skin on the inside of your cheek. YouTuber mplskillroy suggests biting down on a piece of tissue after dripping the liquid onto your tooth, to avoid painful messes.

6. Keep vegetables fresh, via Instructables


Like with the cake hack earlier, this is a great trick to keep your vegetables fresh and prevent them from getting stale. Just hold onto the end of the vegetable when you're slicing it, then pin it back onto the unused portion with a toothpick to keep the exposed part protected!

7. Secret banana notes, via pattyfoggrph

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Toothpicks make for great little carving tools when you feel the unstoppable urge to write notes on a banana. The pressure from the toothpick will be enough to darken the banana peel's skin just right.

8. Make a strawberry topiary, via Lick The Spoon


Grab a beautiful candle holder-type ornament, stick a styrofoam ball into the top, and then attach strawberries to the ball by poking toothpicks into both the fruits and the styrofoam. Easy and absolutely breathtaking!

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