Alisan Porter continues to gain steam as a favorite in the 2016 season of talent competition "The Voice." It most likely has something to do with the incredible vocal rang she shows off in this performance of Aerosmith's hit song, "Cryin," which overwhelmed the audience and Porter's coach Christina Aguilera.

The Los Angeles Time's review of the show called Porter, "the season’s putative front-runner," and said she, "gave another one of her gutsy, no-holds-barred performances, this time making Aerosmith’s 'Cryin'' completely her own." Producers accompanied Porter's performance with impressive light and smoke effects, giving the song even more rock credibility.

Porter's soaring vocal style isn't new, and it's one she's practiced in good company, as evidenced by this 2010 performance with friend Adam Lambert at Hollywood's Henry Ford Music Box. The former child star impressed judges throughout the season with performances.

Porter's clearly enjoying her time on the show as well, recently telling Entertainment Weekly, "It’s amazing and every day I work hard to not go backwards and keep moving forwards, and I just feel very blessed to be here and be doing what I love.”

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