A powerful photo of a mother cradling her baby in the shower is getting a lot of attention on social media. The black and white photo is of Australian mom and photographer, Kelli Bannister and her daughter Summer. People are talking about the photo not only because it is a powerful depiction of motherhood, but also because it was reportedly taken by Bannister’s 5-year-old son, Taj, on a smart phone.
Bannister said to the Daily Mail that she was in the shower with Summer to calm her down. Before the photo was taken, a sick and hysterical Summer threw up on Bannister. While Bannister was soothing Summer in the shower, Taj came to tell his mom that she had gotten a message on her phone. Before he left her phone in the bathroom to go watch television, Taj took a few snaps of Bannister and Summer.

Bannister said she didn’t remember that Taj had taken the photos until she was looking through the images on her phone. When she saw the image Taj had captured of her and Summer, she was in awe.

“When I saw this particular image I was actually quite taken back at how real and raw it was,” she said to the Daily Mail. “I played around with it on a basic Photoshop Express app on my phone and that's when I saw something truly special— A moment of pure exhaustion but an incredible bond of unconditional love between a mother and child.”

Bannister reluctantly shared the photo with the world via Facebook, where it struck a nerve with the Facebook community. Bannister’s post had some naysayers, but the response was overwhelmingly positive, prompting Bannister to respond to the outpouring of support.

“I just wanted to say a massive massive thank you to each and every one of you for your beautiful comments, stories, likes & shares,” she wrote. “I truly appreciate all the well wishes and hope that by sharing my experience it will help many other beautiful parents get through their day.”