For one of the planet's tiniest creatures, ants cause gargantuan frustration with their persistent presence. Luckily, this Household Hacker video shares some great tips for preserving your sanity this summer and throughout the year.  Not only does the host cover how to both discourage and spot treat ants, but also how to trace them back to the source of their nest.

"You need to find the ant colony itself," the narrator states. "If you knew where they were coming from, it would be far more effective to destroy them at their home." Using a spray of vinegar to reverse an ant's course, is a helpful way to follow the trail back to the nest, according to the video.

Also included in the video is a sure-fire method to finally keep ants off your picnic table. By positioning table legs in a portable moat, the non-swimming ants find themselves without a boulevard to your bountiful tabletop.

According to National Geographic, our planet hosts more than 10,000 known species of ants around the globe. If you have a friend battling one species too many in their home, pass this resourceful video along to give them a fighting chance against these menaces.