If you think this 2011 "Britain's Got Talent" performance by a young Ronan Parke sounds absolutely heavenly, you're not alone. Notice the full choir producers bring on to accompany him during the dramatic ending of his performance of "Because of You." The performance of the song originally recorded by the first "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson, stuns the crowd.

"Ronan, I actually wrote down, 'Ronan will win this competition if he nails it.'" Judge David Hasselhoff said. "And, buddy, you nailed it. It was perfect." The adoration and admiration by all the judges seemed to overwhelm the young performer by the end, as he looked relieved, smiling and tearing up upon the conclusion of their comments.

However, despite this lovely performance, Parke later needed to draw from these lyrics about guarding oneself, as an unkind Internet story surfaced about the young boy just before the finale. According to the Daily Mail, an anonymous poster claiming to be a former record executive stated the Parke previously signed with judge Simon Cowell's record label and was being professionally groomed for the competition. No proof of the allegations ever materialized, but it prompted Cowell address the controversy prior to Parke's final performance.

"This is a deliberate smear campaign, and it is my job to ensure that, whoever this liar is, is exposed and this kid is treated in the same way as everyone else," Cowell said.

Whether or not the scandal cost Parke the competition - he came in second behind Jai McDowall - he still faired well. According to the Daily Mail, he still received a £1 million recording contract.

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