Steve Harvey brought his wife to tears on stage last week for an emotional confession in front of his audience: “You allowed me to stop existing and start living,” the TV host said, tearing up. Harvey's heartfelt tribute to his wife for Mother's Day was an elaborate plan he actually tricked her into. Harvey told Marjorie he wanted her to come on the show so she could help honor other moms, but what she didn't know was what her husband had planned for her.
Marjorie stood on stage wiping away tears, and joking about ruining her makeup as her husband praised her for not only helping him fight his demons, but helping the children, "What you’ve done for Wynton in balancing his life out. He was so far behind that you dropped everything and turned our son into an A, B student".

Harvey admits in the tribute he knew he wanted to marry her the night they met, and that while it took too long to make it happen he is so glad it finally did. As pictures of their travels played behind him Harvey explained how they've seen the world together, and how she has broadened his horizons. The TV host says he's blessed to have his wife by his side, and the tribute ends with a kiss and a roaring audience.

Check out the tear-jerker below to see the video that's been viewed more than 2 million times on Faceook.