Rocky is a janitor at Los Primeros School in Camarillo, Calif. Students at the school love him because he is always friendly and genuinely seems to care about all the students. The students at Los Primeros School were able to show Rocky that they appreciate all that he does by putting on a surprise party for him.
The students teamed up with Dude Be Nice, a clothing company that, according to its website, encourages inclusiveness, kindness and gratitude. As a video Dude Be Nice posted to its YouTube channel shows, to honor Rocky, students from the school gathered in the auditorium. Then a school official called Rocky on his walkie talkie and told him there was a mess that needed to be cleaned up in the auditorium.

When Rocky came into the auditorium, the students chanted, “We love Rocky” and showered him with his favorite types of candy. Dude Be Nice also arranged for Rocky to receive a special treat from his favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers. Former 49er Adam Snyder presented Rocky with an autographed football.

Though Rocky was overjoyed at the outpouring of attention, he was able to keep his emotions under check for most of the ceremony. He started tearing up when he and the students posed for photos to commemorate the occasion.  Watch the video of Rocky's surprise party below.