In a story that has captured the hearts of thousands, an Oklahoma pediatrician took one of his patients to prom. The pediatrician, Jim Lewis, took Paige Walls, who has a rare neurological disorder and is wheelchair bound to prom, after her original date had cancel. With help from her mom, Mona, Paige wrote a letter to Lewis.
The note said, according to a photo on a Facebook post by Kelli Ross Guy, "Will you go to the prom with me April 9 at Tahlequah Armory Building? They won't let my dad off work. My mom can pick you up if you want her to." Lewis had to check yes or no if he was interested in attending.

Lewis, who has been Paige’s pediatrician since childhood, according to Guy’s Facebook post, said to News on 6 that he wasn’t going to ever check "no."

“And of course I put ‘X.’ Yes I'm gonna take her to the prom,” said Lewis to News on 6.

Paige wore ruby red slippers and a sequined gown to the formal affair. Lewis said Paige looked “gorgeous” in her dress.

Paige gave Lewis a boutonniere for his lapel. Lewis brought Paige a purple corsage that matched her dress. He said, “I had to bring her a corsage," Lewis said to the news station. "You can't not have a corsage for the prom.”

Mona said Paige knew she was on a date and prom was a “special moment” for her,  according to News on 6.