It's apparent from the moment that Saulo Sarmiento walks on stage that he's going to be a crowd-pleaser. Sarmiento's natural good looks get him an immediate yes from judge David Walliams (before he's even had the chance to perform!) – not to mention more than a few catcalls from the ladies in the audience. Thankfully Sarmiento, 28, proceeded to show the judges, and the audience that he had a lot more to offer than his good looks in the video at the end of the article. 
After he removes his jacket, Sarmiento stunned the audience with flips, turns, twists and lifts on an aerial pole. Performing to "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone, Sarmiento displays unbelievable control over his upper body, as he appears to hang in the air.  His performance, rightfully, earns him a standing ovation from all of the judges (and more than a few impressive eyebrow raises from Simon himself), as well as a pass into the next round. 

Sarmiento is a professional Aerial Pole Artist. He has performed with Cirque Du Soleil since 2014, according to his Facebook page. Sarmiento, a native of Spain, began training at 13. At 18 he moved to Madrid, where he spent an additional four years training with professional companies, according to his website

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