Clare McIntosh lost his wallet at the movie theater. He was 14 years old and it was a special wallet, made of plastic and full of personal treasures including photos of his family, a pocket calendar and his Boy Scout card. Fortunately, the wallet also contained an ID card with contact information, so that, if lost, it could be returned to McIntosh.
When that call actually came, however, McIntosh thought it was a joke; he told the caller that he hadn't lost a wallet. After 71 years, McIntosh was completely surprised to get a call from the theater's current owner informing him that his wallet had been found... the same plastic wallet he had lost in 1945.

Larry Sloan, the current owner of the theater, was having some renovations done last February when the wallet was discovered in upper-level floorboards. The pocket calendar was dated from the 1940s, but the biggest clue for Sloan was on the ID card. "His telephone number was 8," Sloan told the Ames Tribune. Just 8. "I get a kick out of that every time I say it," Sloan said.

The old theater was built in 1928; when the teenaged McIntosh lost his wallet, it was a movie house called the Circle Theater. It's now a comedy club called the Talent Factory and bills itself as the place "where history and entertainment meet." That's especially true for Clare McIntosh, 85, whose boyhood trip to the movies became a heartwarming story of doing the right thing, even after 71 years.