Many new mothers, though exhausted from childbirth, want to hold their babies close to them and cuddle after giving birth.  Things were different when Adam was born. When he was born, his mom didn’t want to hold him close and coo over him. She wanted to kill him because she thought he was cursed, according to Live Action News.

Adam's mom thought he was cursed because he was born with a host of deformities. He had a cleft palate, no eyelids and no nose, according to CBN. He also had limb abnormalities. Instead of taking Adam home with her, Adam’s mom opted to leave him at the hospital where he was born.

Newlyweds Raja Paulraj, a hospital administrator and Jessica Cooksey Paulraj, a nurse, happened to be working at the Christian missionary hospital where Adam was abandoned in India. When they heard about him, they wanted to adopt him. Before the Paulrajs adopted Adam, they were warned that he might not live long because of his birth defects. The Paulrajs  adopted Adam anyway.

Since becoming a part of the Paulraj  family, Adam has become fond of hopping to get around and laughing, Live Action News reported. He has also had some of the issues he was born with taken care of--He had surgery to create eyelids, as well as cleft palate surgery, so that he can eat food.

Even though Adam is a joy-filled child who is now an older brother to two younger siblings, his mom Jessica said, according to Live Action News, that it can be hard taking care of him. Still, she says she relishes in those challenges because they help her focus on what’s really important.

“When I have an eternal perspective, convenience loses its meaning,” she wrote on her blog according to Live Action News. “Because convenience infers that I need ease and my preference in order to live an enjoyed life. So having a child whose needs may limit my convenience may infer that I am suffering. How can I check off a bucket list of dreams and ambitions and sights to be seen when I have a child who cannot walk and who needs sponge bathing and dressing changes every night? If anything, [Adam’s disability] enables us to see HIS (meaning God) ability to make beauty in the midst of brokenness.”

Watch the video of Adam's amazing story below.