They may seem reminiscent of another girl group of London beauties, but Zyrah Rose trade on a classic sound, not Spice Girl pop. The group of four women in their 20s performed a haunting cover of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" on "Britain's Got Talent." It's an understatement that the performance excited judge Alesha Dixon.
"What is there not to like? You're brilliant," Dixon gushed. "I love you. You have brilliant stage presence, voices compliment each other, the harmonies were beautiful - loved it." However, judge Simon Cowell was not as impressed, saying the girls did not interact and appeared to be four statues singing. Dixon told the girls she has their back.

It seems not only music brings the four together. According to the gaming site, the quartet share a love of, "gaming, fantasy and film." The site also reports that the group previously covered, "The Children," from the HBO hit series, "Game of Thrones."

Do you agree with Dixon that these ladies have a brilliant future ahead, or with Cowell that it may be more of a cold presentation? Get your friends in on the debate by passing this one along.