A Georgia police officer is in the spotlight for showing kindness to a hospitalized toddler. The police officer, James Hurst, an officer with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, was tasked with escorting the toddler to a local hospital for a medical care after the child had been found wandering around outside without an adult, according to KTLA.
During an exam at the hospital, the child began to get agitated. Instead of maintaining a professional distance, Hurst allowed his humanity to shine through. He picked up the boy and comforted him up.  “I just knew this child needed somebody to be there for him,” the officer said according to KTLA. “It was just human instinct; humanity. The hospital staff was taking great care of him [but] he was sobbing and crying. I picked him up and within minutes he was asleep on my chest.”

Someone at the hospital snapped a picture of the boy sleeping on Hurst’s chest. The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department uploaded the picture to its Facebook page.  The photo went viral with thousands of likes and shares. Commenters on the photo overwhelmingly seemed to like the picture because it shows that the officer doesn’t mind being vulnerable and he cares about others.

Cindy Davis wrote, “I love to see the real, human side of Police Officers. Sometimes, we forget that they have emotions too.” Similarly, Dee Young commented,  “Thank you officer Hurst!...I love to see when unconditional love for a human kicks in.”