Candace Payne, a mom who became internet famous for laughing while wearing a kid’s Chewbacca mask, got to hang out recently with comedian James Corden and director J.J. Abrams. Payne appeared alongside the Corden and Abrams in a video clip filmed for the Late Late Show.
In the video, “Chewbacca Mom Takes James Corden to Work,” Payne is sitting in her SUV. With a Chewbacca mask sitting atop her head she yells out, “This is worth every penny” and then she starts to giggle. Next, the camera zooms out and we see Corden in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Corden talks to Payne and says that he’s glad she is happy with her Chewbacca mask, but he has somewhere to be. Payne then slips on her  mask and says her trademark phrase, “I’m such a happy Chewbacca,” while wearing the mask.

Corden tells Payne that he doesn’t think she sounds like Chewbacca at all. Out of nowhere, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams  appears in the backseat to offer his opinion. Abrams says Payne is an excellent Chewbacca. Then he puts on a Chewbacca mask and offers up some Chewbacca-speak tips. Payne and Abrams, both wearing Chewbacca masks, compel Corden to put on a mask as well. Then all three people in the vehicle speak and act like Chewbacca and laugh uncontrollably.

Payne became known as the “Chewbacca mom” because she livestreamed a video of herself trying on an electronic Chewbacca mask on Facebook. When she put on the mask, she couldn’t contain her joy, so she laughed through the whole video. The video ended up going viral. Kohl’s, the store where Payne purchased the mask ended up rewarding her, because she mentioned the store in her viral video.