A teenage boy showed an older woman a thing or two about Salsa dancing in a video on YouTube. In the video, which appears to take place at a Salsa festival, the teenager, shows the woman that he has rhythm and the right moves by twirling her around and shaking his hips to the up tempo beat. More than 10 million people have watched the video.
Based on the comments, it may have gone viral because no one expects a child to be able to pull off the complex moves that Salsa requires. No matter the original reason the video went viral, people enjoyed the video. One man wrote in Spanish, “Is she his teacher and he the student … or is it the other way around!??” Another person summed up the general consensus on the video by writing, “Omg!!This is amazing!!”

Salsa is a music and dance style with Cuban and Puerto Rican roots, according to Salsa website, Salsa is Good. It combines African and Spanish rhythms and dance moves. The word “salsa” literally means “sauce.” This is an apt name to describe the dance and music style since it is a blend of cultural ingredients. It developed in the 1970s in New York among people of Puerto Rican decent before making its way to Cuba where it was refined even further.