When people saw budding fashion designer Jimelle Levon and his date at their high school prom, no doubt one of the first things that popped into their heads was the song, “Queen to Be.” That’s because Levon’s date was clad in a dress covered in golden leaves, similar to the one Vanessa Bell Calloway made famous in the movie “Coming to America.”
But Levon’s date wasn’t wearing any old off-the-rack dress. Her gown was designed and sewn by Levon. To match his date, Levon wore a matching gold leaf-embellished blazer. Creating prom dresses has become a side gig for Levon, who lives in Columbus Ohio. He charges between $300 and $450 for each dress, reports NBC4i. This year, according to his Instagram page, he made no less than 19 prom dresses.

Rockin @jimellelevon to prom, shirt made by me not Kanye ✔️

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He said his work ethic comes in part from the fact that he was homeless once.
“Me and my mother lived in a shelter before when I was in 5th grade,”  Levon said to NBC4i.  “From there on, once I hit 6th grade, I was always a hard worker, either shoveling the snow or anything to gain money because I didn’t want to be in the predicament anymore.”

#comingtoamerica #prom2k16 18 year old designer👑

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Levon has been creating unique fashion pieces since he was in middle school. He wrote on his website that he started off painting shoes and distressing shorts. Later, he taught himself to sew at 14. From there, his creativity led him to bigger things, such as starting his own brand of urban wear, Koldkut.

Levon will be attending Clark Atlanta University in the fall. He plans on studying business and fashion at the school, according to NBC4i.