Ten-year-old Briony Caitlin Klingberg was suffering from painful sores. Klinberg's parents were concerned when she didn't start to get better and took her to the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital. The doctor sent her home and asked her parents to return if she got worse.
Following that visit, her parents took her to Mount Barker Hospital. The doctor there also sent her home. She then saw her pediatrician, who took a blood sample, and later returned to the Women's and Children's hospital.

Sadly, after 1 week, she passed away from organ failure.

It turns out multiple doctors failed to properly diagnose Briony. 

"I had the sense not to bring her back unless she got worse, but she wasn't necessarily getting worse, she just wasn't getting better ... I didn't want to represent down there with the same things they sent us home for. I felt I couldn't really go back because they said to bring her back if she gets worse," Bridget Klingberg commented. 

When the parents found out their daughter had passed away due to herpes, they were angry. 

The parents testified in court that their daughter had open sores in her throat and that she was unable to eat or drink. They also testified that their daughter was never tested for herpes and that the family had to travel more than an hour each time they took her to the hospital, according to ABC News. 

Doctor Alice Rogers, a junior doctor at the Women and Children's Hospital told the court that she expressed concern about the lesions in the girl's throat and suggested keeping her in the hospital for observation, but the senior doctor decided she was okay and sent her home. 

Briony's primary care physician ordered a blood sample and treated her with an antibiotic. The next day she was unable to use the bathroom so the doctor told her mother to take her to the emergency room. Briony had a seizure in the parking lot of the hospital. She was treated for multiple organ failure. She died on January 18, 2015, The Advertiser reported.